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ECA-018-Established Amazon Seller with Superb Ratings & eBay Top-Asking Price: £30,000

Business Id:000899     |    Reference: ECA-018
Business Description

Key Benefits:

  • Strong Year on Year Sales Growth
  • Excellent Amazon Ratings (six years)
  •  Superb eBay Score (9 Years)
  • Great Low Price Product Sourcing
  • Strong Online Presence

 Reasons to buy this established, online, profitable, eCommerce business. 

1. Strong Reputation: The Business has a positive reputation as a top-rated seller on eBay, and Amazon known for providing quality products and services.

2. Diverse Portfolio: Business boasts a diverse portfolio of goods sold on prominent e-commerce platforms like eBay, On Buy, and Amazon.

3. Established Brand: Business owns a registered brand with the UK IPO and has an established Amazon Brand store, showcasing credibility and potential for growth.

4. Scalability: Business model is designed for scalability, with the ability to manage large volumes of customers and a dedicated warehouse facility in place.

5. Growth Opportunities: There are opportunities for further growth and expansion within the business.

6. Quality Products: This eCommerce business offers high-quality products that meet customer needs.

7.Competitive Pricing:  Pricing is competitive, providing value for money.

8. Excellent Customer Service: Excellent customer service is provided for a positive experience.

9. Wide Selection:  eCommerce business offers a diverse range of goods across major online platforms.

10. Well-established status: This eCommerce business has been trading since 2016 and enjoys a well-established status on Amazon and eBay. 

The business has long established arrangements to source products, included in the asking price is stock with a retail value of circa £35,000.

Business Profile: 

The business offers a diverse portfolio of goods, retailing across the prominent eCommerce platforms such as eBay, Onbuy, and Amazon.

 With an eye on scalability, the business model is adept at managing large volumes of customers, from the dedicated warehouse facility.


The eCommerce business operation is simple and effective, it involves buying and reselling goods online, operating on online marketplaces such as eBay, On Buy, Amazon, etc. 

This includes buying pallets from Amazon, Gem wholesale internet auctions, returns, etc., and then reselling them.

Amazon Top rated seller:

This eCommerce business is recognised as a top-rated Amazon seller, based on its rating score, having built a positive reputation for providing quality service and products to its customers, enjoying a long history with their Amazon account. The longstanding presence on Amazon has solidified the business reputation.

eBay Highlights:

The business enjoys a strong rapport with eBay, consistently securing exclusive promotions on the coveted first pages of the platform every month. By leveraging the extensive eBay channels, the business has built a robust customer database, enabling targeted promotions and enhanced customer engagement. 

Business Information
Turnover:£99,000.00 Annually
Is this business relocatable: No
Business Sector: Ecommerce/Website based retail
Statistic Information
Total Views:
Total Enquiries:
Last Viewed:
Last Updated:
Last Enquiry Made:
Business Profile
Equipment: na
Key strengths: na
Key Opportunities: na
Financial performance: na
Asking Price: 30000
Advertising and Marketing: na
Growth and Expansion: na
Premises: na
Business Hours: na
Employees: na
Support and Training: na

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