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ECA-008-Premier online retailer specialising in high- quality art and interior decor Bus

Business Id:000877     |    Reference: ECA-008
Business Description

Our client is an online retailer specialising in selling high-quality art and interior décor, including trompe-l'oeil wallpapers, lighting options that serve as both functional fixtures and works of art, rugs, furniture combining contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship, and accessories and interior products.

The client has curated a collection of thought-provoking designs catering to various interior design styles and preferences.

The extensive interior product range includes, but is not limited to:


The Business offers a diverse selection of wallpaper designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary, a collection of trompe-l'oeil wallpapers featuring realistic images that create an optical illusion, giving the impression of three-dimensional objects or architectural details.

From bookshelves filled with vintage books to exquisite chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, these wallpapers can add depth and character to any space, transforming it into a captivating environment.

The wallpapers are known for their superior quality, durability, and stunning visual appeal.

Wall art:

The collection of wall art encompasses various mediums such as paintings, canvas prints, art prints, limited edition prints, art posters, photographs, fine art photography, and original mixed media creations.

Working with talented artists to ensure a diverse and captivating collection that appeals to different interior design sensibilities.


They showcase extensive lighting options, including pendant lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, and sconces. The lighting products combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating the perfect ambiance for any interior space.


The collection of rugs includes various styles, patterns, and materials. From luxurious Persian rugs to contemporary geometric designs, they offer various options to suit diverse tastes and preferences.


Our clients provide a carefully curated furniture collection combining contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship, resulting in visually striking and functional pieces.

From chairs and tables with unconventional shapes and finishes to unique storage solutions that double as artistic installations, the furniture pieces are designed to be statement pieces that add personality and style to any interior.

The focus is on combining comfort, functionality, and design to offer furniture that enhances any interior setting.

Business Information
Turnover:£584,000.00 Annually
Is this business relocatable: No
Business Sector: Interior Design Companies
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Business Profile
Equipment: na
Key strengths: na
Key Opportunities: na
Financial performance: na
Asking Price: 300000
Advertising and Marketing: na
Growth and Expansion: na
Premises: na
Business Hours: na
Employees: na
Support and Training: na

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