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Pilates Studio Clinical Rehabilitation & Fitness Pilates

Business Id:000397     |    Reference: CO174
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Business Description

Pilates Studio
Clinical Rehabilitation & Fitness Pilates
Ref. CO174
Location : Dublin
Asking Price : £965,930
This business is a well-established fully equipped and popular Pilates studio located in an affluent area and operating with Certified Pilates Teachers and physio therapists. The studio provides an excellent environment for instruction from a professional team of caring qualified instructors. The vendor is a 2nd generation Pilates master and with this skill plus the experience and knowledge of the whole team it achieves 85% of new business via referrals from satisfied clients. Standards are consistently high and have led to these referrals.
The business provides three services
• Fitness Pilates group classes
• Clinical one-to-one sessions
• Pilates certification from a world recognised and respected body
The studio opened in September 2011 and was profitable from day 1. The owner suffered her own personal experience with back pain and sought a solution that would work, subsequently developing this business.
The business has grown year on year since the launch through the good services etc. that are on offer .
The brand name of the business is well known and respected in the pilates industry. Many referrals are gained from hospitals and physios who recommend their patients to do pilates.
The business has intelligent apps, IT systems etc. to stay connected with clients, which has reduced costs to the business substantially.
Exercise programmes are tailored specifically to the individual s needs and adapted as the person develops. Designed to help each client achieve the correct balance of flexibility and muscle tone from body sculpting to rehabilitation and injury prevention to better coordination and endurance. Clients leave a session with greater body awareness and control and a reduced level of stress.
The vendor consistantly reinvests in the busienss, it was renovated in March 2018, new reformers and other equipment.
The studio was never built to be based around the vendor and so will happily survive without the owners prescence. All the certified teachers bring years of experience to create a safe and caring environment to transform clients bodies.
This is a super opportunity for a qualified Pilates instructor to acquire this successful profitable business or alternatively a physiotherapist as an add-on to their existing business or anyone interested in the health industry or a career change.

Business Information
Property Status:   Leasehold
Is this business relocatable: No
Business Sector: Gyms, Health Spas
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Business Profile
Equipment: All equipment is included in the sale price. • 17 Reformers • 1 x x Clinical Reformers • Massage Table • Jump Boards and Boxes • Ladder Barrel • Core Align, Trap Table, pilates chair • Pedi pull etc. • Exercise Mats and small props including magic rings, foam rollers, etc.
Key strengths: • Huge customer focus • Attention to detail • Standards and excellent advice • Full Pilates service • Client value for money
Key Opportunities:
Financial performance: The business is being offered for sale on a going concern basis: all financial discussions will take place directly between the vendor and all interested parties under the auspices of Turner Butler. The regular client base provides an instant cash flow/turnkey business and without vendor. 2018 TBC Expenses TBC Profit margin TBC
Asking Price: The Asking Price of €1.1M is for 100% of the issued capital of the company.
Advertising and Marketing: The business has a website and also uses popular social media to great success. Text Offers
Growth and Expansion: This sector is a booming industry with a very good market outlook. Focused marketing and new thinking to go beyond the present owners vision could gain 100 percent growth. With focussed thinking a future owner could double the business. One therapy room is available to rent out or hire staff for services such as massage, physio etc. Currently there are 65-70 classes spread over the 7 day week operating at 68 – 70% capacity, more classes could easily be added for additional growth. The successful buyer may think on a new level possibly licencing the brand name and creating a franchise model.
Business Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9am – 10pm Friday: 9am – 5pm Saturday: 9.30 – 2pm Sunday : 9.30 – 4pm
Employees: Staff – All Pilates teachers and support staff are sole traders / self-employed, which is normal in this industry. They invoice the company on a monthly basis. There are no employees.
Support and Training: The owner will stay for handover and training if necessary, however as previously stated the business is not built around the vendor.

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