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Well known highly subscribed Leisure Club,with successful franchisees in 10 territories

Business Id:000315     |    Reference: CO176
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Business Description

Well known and highly subscribed Leisure Club, with successful franchisees in 10 international territories
Ref. CO176
Location : London
Asking Price : £1,300,000

Activities for members include regular dance club events & classes held at popular venues on a weekly basis, as well as seasonal residential multi-day events in regional UK resorts and popular international cruise ship vacations.

The fitness, social and health benefits of dance are at the heart of the business’ success, with classes offering a real alternative to other membership activities for firness, such as the gym. For many members, the weekly class or event represents the focus of their social life.

The business is very well known and is trademarked with international domain protection and monitored and managed renewals.

The business maintains an Intranet site with a sophisticated user access system. This enables the business to disseminate documentation and information to franchisees and other key parties; all users have a unique user name and password so activity can be tracked and access suspended if necessary. The intention has been to create a paperless environment where franchisees irrespective of where they are in the world can access any documentation.

• Well known and respected dance club in 10 International territories
• Excellent reputation and trading history
• Excellent platform for scaleable growth
• Modern, well appointed offices
• Substantial turnover and attractive profit margins
• Reliable long term customer/member relationships.

Asking Price:


The Vendor is willing to offer a Rent Free period of up to one year.

The head office engages the services of the following:

Manages the franchise day-to-day operations and is rewarded on a profit share basis. He has worked within the business for over 15 years.

Manages and oversees all the teacher training and organises the teacher and DJ selection for events.

While currently self-employed, the vendor would recommend making this manager a full time employee.

Works alongside the Vendor and provides administration support & is a full time employee.

Has developed the company Intranet, booking system and online shop; also responsible for providing web server, broadband and hosting services.

Manages the set-up crew, organise the dance floor, lighting, draping and audio equipment.

Next steps:

All enquiries or requests for additional information should be submitted or directed to Rupert Cattell at Turner Butler (e-mail: telephone Head Office: 01895 256000

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Leasehold Term: a new lease can be arranged.
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Business Sector: Leisure businesses, Social clubs, Events Businesses
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