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Software Development Company with Suite of Own B2B Products

Fully Relocatable | England, United Kingdom
Business Id:000245     |    Reference: IU174
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Business Description

Software Development Company with Suite of Own B2B Products Inc.Proprietary Workforce Management Solutions
Ref. IU174
Location : Fully Relocatable
Asking Price : Offer Invited

The company is in a position to offer for sale the source and object code for its range of software products; including full Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) pertaining methodology, training and consulting services associated with those products. The company has registered trademarks in the USA and UK.

The Market:

The Products:

• Ready to market ‘On Premise’ software.

• Suitable for 3rd party distribution network.

• Fully encrypted SoftPro license protection

• Web and Internet sales enabled.

• Delivers Fortune 500 experience

The company has recently launched the first Excel Add-In for workforce consultants and HR professionals that automatically generate multiple shift patterns and staff schedules as Excel worksheets. This remains the #1 most asked for function on the Microsoft Excel forums so the scope for this new product is huge as there are some 850 Million Excel users globally!

• Standard PC networks and Windows servers

• Single code stream supports multiple languages

• Integrated Business Objects Reporting

Customer Service:

Key Strengths:

• A unique Add-in delivered to the Microsoft Excel® user base;

• Automating complex scheduling algorithms;

Key Opportunities:

A significant opportunity for fast generation of revenue in the immediate term is likely to be associated with the recently launched Add-in for Microsoft Excel®. As already mentioned the number one request on Microsoft Excel forums is about generating shift patterns and staff schedules. This company have not only solved that problem but have automated it. There are over 850 million Excel® users and a significant number of those users want to work out their staff shift pattern. It is not unreasonable for the business owner with market presence and established routes to a global market, to anticipate a ‘mass market’ response capable of generating a 7 or 8 figure revenue stream.

• Sell ‘more’ to an existing client base: integrating software code into an existing product range to offer additional customer value e.g. HR & Payroll.

• Reduced R&D costs: use the existing code flow and database architecture to deliver a multi-user enterprise platform.

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