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Fri, Aug 23 2019 10:14:11 PM  |  /

Bobbi’s Superstore- OFF License £90K Quick Sell

Hounslow | London, England, United Kingdom
Business Id:000149     |    Reference: OfSt359TW3
Leasehold Price:
Business Description

Convenience store located in Hounslow selling groceries and household goods is for sale at the price of £95k.The business offers potential purchasers the opportunity to acquire a convenience store on a busy route to Heathrow.


11 years lease left, it is renewable lease

Lease £13000 per year

No business rates payable


£8000 rental from office

Turnover £7k-£8000 per week


Don’t miss business opportunity with high potential

Call me 07947478797, Bobby

Business Information
Property Status:   Leasehold
Leasehold Term: 11 years left, renewable
Is this business relocatable: No
Business Sector: Convenience Stores, Department Stores, Newsagents, Off Licences
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