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Grocery Shop in Camberley

Camberley | Surrey, England, United Kingdom
Business Id:000089     |    Reference: gshC5
Leasehold Price:
Business Description
Grocery, off license, fresh vegetables, 1 bedroom flat up stars giving a rent of £800 with no local competition is being operated for years. 
Weekly turnover: £8000-9000 some week exceeded 11K
Rent: £19500
Leasehold: 20 years from February 2015
Premium: £80,000 for a quick sell to cash buyer only.
Business Rates: 4000+ without small business discount relief
Business Information
Turnover:£8,500.00 Weekly
Property Status:   Leasehold
Leasehold Term: 20 years from February 2015
Is this business relocatable: No
Business Sector: Convenience Stores, Newsagents, Off Licences
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